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Tuesday, Apr 20th, 2021


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Atlantic Canada’s 25 Most Powerful Women in Business

As medical professionals, these doctors don’t have roles that scream “business” on first glance. However, these three public health officers played an important role in controlling the spread of the coronavirus, both in their own provinces and throughout Atlantic Canada. As a result, the region has largely limited the spread of COVID-19. The impact on […]

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Noia Launches New Blog – Ceo Corner

Noia has launched a new blog, CEO Corner, as a way for CEO Charlene Johnson to communicate and connect with members. The blog will provide Charlene with the opportunity to discuss important and relevant issues about our offshore oil and gas industry and share information about Noia’s advocacy efforts. The inaugural edition of the CEO […]

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Will Oil Price Rise Strain OPEC+ Relations?

OPEC+ relations are likely to be strained as prices continue to rise, oil demand increases, and the more financially distressed oil producers look to take advantage of increased prices in the short-term as well as a higher outlook for prices between now and the end of 2022. That’s what Matthew Bey, a Stratfor analyst with […]

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