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Board Positions

Qualifications to serve on Noia’s Board of Directors

An individual shall qualify for election to the Board or a position of Office if that person:

(a) is a minimum of 19 years of age;
(b) is a Full Memberi of the Association, or employed (direct employee or under contract) by a Full Member in Good Standing;
(c) is mentally competent and has not been found by a court in Canada or elsewhere to be otherwise;
(d) is able to provide a certificate of good standing upon request of the Board;
(e) does not have the status of a personal bankrupt;
(h) is a resident Canadian as defined in the Actii.

In addition, to qualify for election to a position of Executive Office, the following qualifications shall also apply:

(a) has previously served one (1) full term as Officer, or
(b) has served a minimum of one (1) year on the Association Board.


As Noia’s Vice-Chair, you are a senior representative of a supply & service sector organization who works tirelessly to further Noia’s mandate of promoting the development of East Coast Canada's hydrocarbon resources and to facilitate its membership's participation in oil & gas industries.  You have an outgoing personality and, in the absence of the Board Chair, are willing to act as Noia’s spokesperson in the media.  You are a team player who gives willingly of your time, great ideas and insights.

Job Description

This position is typically the successor to the Chair.  The Noia Vice-Chair:

1. reports to the Board's Chair
2. performs Chair responsibilities when the Chair cannot be available
3. works closely with the Chair and Executive Committee
4. performs other responsibilities as assigned by the Board
5. is a member of the Board of Directors in good standing


The Vice-Chair shall be elected for a one-year term and shall succeed as Chair at the next Annual General Meeting.


As Noia’s Treasurer, you are a senior representative of a supply & service sector organization and have considerable experience with budgets.  Detail-oriented, you’ll help oversee Noia’s finances and investment portfolio. 

Job Description

The Noia Treasurer:

1. oversees all monies paid to and managed by the Association;
2. collects and receives the annual dues or assessments levied by the Association, to properly account for all funds of the Association and to keep such books and records for the Association;
3. presents a full detailed account of receipts and disbursements of the Association to the Board whenever requested;
4. prepares for submission to the Annual General Meeting of the Association a statement as hereinafter set forth of the financial position of the Association.


The Treasurer shall be elected for a two-year term at every second other Annual General Meeting.


As a Director on Noia’s Board, you are eager to participate, show up on time and are well informed.  You are an advocate for the Association.  Your actions are for the benefit of the greater good and you keep your own interests secondary.  You are a diplomat, keeping discussions and reports confidential when required. 

Job Description

Directors of Noia’s Board will:

1. provide stewardship of the Association and all its policy and activities to create member value;
2. carry out activities which are expressly conferred upon it in the Association’s By-Laws or by the Corporations Act;
3. exercise any powers in the interest of the Association even if such powers are not expressly directed or required in the Association’s By-Laws or by the Act;
4. have the sole power to engage and to dismiss the President and Chief Executive Officer and to determine his or her duties, responsibilities and remuneration;
5. approve the annual budget; and
6. appoint committees, including, but not limited to those listed hereunder, and define the duties and powers of any such committee and may prescribe the procedures, rules and policies to be followed by it;

— Governance and Human Resources Committee
— Finance, Audit and Risk Committee
— Research, Policy and Communications Committee


Directors shall hold office for a term of two (2) years, which term shall generally coincide with the adjournment of the Annual General Meeting two (2) years following their election date. Should the election of Directors not occur at the scheduled Annual General Meeting, the Directors in office shall continue in office until their successors are elected. It is the intent of the Association that approximately one half of Directors on the Board will be replaced by election at each Annual General Meeting, although this may vary from time to time due to resignation, vacancy, etc.

[i] (A full member refers to a member who has eligibility to vote; eligibility to hold office, either as a Director or Officer; and access to information generated and/or maintained by the Association for the benefit of the Association’s Members, including, but not limited to, business directories, website, newsletters and events. Full Membership in the Association shall be restricted to Persons whose business activities are in whole or in part related to supporting, promoting and/or developing the oil and gas industry, as well as the broader energy industry, subject to approval by the Board.)

[ii] (Act refers to the Corporations Act, R.S.N.L. 1990, c. C-36 (the “Act”), including any amendments thereto and regulations enacted pursuant to or under the Act.)