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Board Elections

Elections for positions on Noia’s Board of Directors take place at the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

Qualifications to serve on Noia’s Board of Directors

An individual shall qualify for election to the Board or a position of Office if that person:

(a) is a minimum of 19 years of age;
(b) is a Full Memberi of the Association, or employed (direct employee or under contract) by a Full Member in Good Standing;
(c) is mentally competent and has not been found by a court in Canada or elsewhere to be otherwise;
(d) is able to provide a certificate of good standing upon request of the Board;
(e) does not have the status of personal bankrupty;
(h) is a resident Canadian as defined in the Actii.

In addition, to qualify for election to a position of Executive Office, the following qualifications shall also apply:

(a) has previously served one (1) full term as Officer, or
(b) has served a minimum of one (1) year on the Association Board.

[i] (A full member refers to a member who has eligibility to vote; eligibility to hold office, either as a Director or Officer; and access to information generated and/or maintained by the Association for the benefit of the Association’s Members, including, but not limited to, business directories, website, newsletters and events. Full Membership in the Association shall be restricted to Persons whose business activities are in whole or in part related to supporting, promoting and/or developing the oil and gas industry, as well as the broader energy industry, subject to approval by the Board.)

[ii] (Act refers to the Corporations Act, R.S.N.L. 1990, c. C-36 (the “Act”), including any amendments thereto and regulations enacted pursuant to or under the Act.)