• 1980-1984 - Hibernia Field delineated and appraised


  • North Bjarni F-06 SD well offshore Labrador (Petro-Canada)
  • Hebron I-13 Discovery well, Grand Banks, offshore NL (Mobil Oil)


  • Storm sinks Ocean Ranger drilling platform, Grand Banks offshore NL; 84 lives lost


  • South Venture, Glenelg and Alma fields discovered south of Sable Island, offshore NS


  • Terra Nova K-08 Discovery well, offshore NL, finds Terra Nova Field (Petro- Canada et al)
  • White Rose N-22 Discovery well spud on Grand Banks, offshore NL (Husky Oil)


  • Atlantic Accord signed by GC and GNL, covering joint management of offshore resources and revenue sharing; regulator C-NLOPB established.
  • Hibernia Development and Benefits Plans filed with C-NLOPB
  • Hibernia declared a SD
  • Terra Nova declared a SD

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  • C-NLOPB approves the Hibernia Development Plan through Decision 86.01
  • Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord signed
  • Panuke Field discovered offshore Nova Scotia (Shell)


  • Canada-Newfoundland Atlantic Accord Implementation Acts enacted


  • Hibernia project partners form Hibernia Management and Development Company (HMDC) to construct Hibernia facilities
  • White Rose E-09, Grand Banks offshore NL (Husky Oil et al) finds commercial quantities of oil
  • Canada-Nova Scotia Atlantic Accord Implementation Acts enacted


  • Lasmo Nova Scotia and GNS joint venture to develop the Cohasset and Panuke Fields


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