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C-NLOPB announces changes to land tenure system and extension of nominations call

Issued December 13, 2018

The Canada‐Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C‐NLOPB) is announcing an amendment to the Scheduled Land Tenure System in relation to the boundary of the mature Jeanne d’Arc (JDA) region, cross boundary parcel configuration and Call for Nominations NL18-CFN03 (Parcels).

Boundary Change to the Jeanne d’Arc Region

The C-NLOPB is updating the boundary of the JDA land tenure region to include the northern and southern extents of the Jeanne d’Arc Basin. This update will allow licence design to better align with subsurface geology and basin architecture.  The updated legal description for the JDA region is as follows:

The boundary of this region begins at the intersection of longitude 49°15’W and latitude 47°40’N; thence runs east along latitude 47°40’N to longitude 47°45’W; thence south along longitude 47°45’W to latitude 46°10’N; thence west along latitude 46°10’N to longitude 48°25’30”W; thence south along longitude 48°25’30”W to latitude 46°00’N; thence west along latitude 46°00’N to longitude 49°15’W; thence north along longitude 49°15’W to latitude 47°40’N.

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