Newfoundland & Labrador

North Atlantic Refining Ltd. (NARL Refining LP)

At North Atlantic, approximately 500 employees in refining and marketing transform crude oil into some of the cleanest fuels on the world market and distribute them to customers in Newfoundland & Labrador and around the world. Roughly 90 per cent of the product refined at the 115-barrel-per-day facility is exported, mainly to the eastern seaboard of the United States and Europe.

Millions of dollars in continued investments and improvements to the oil refinery have enabled North Atlantic to work through a challenging time in the refining industry. The company attributes its successes to key strengths, such as its strategic location on main shipping routes for oil delivery and petrol sales, and to the know-how of its many highly skilled and safety-conscience employees. Clean fuel hydrocracker technology enables the facility to produce low-sulphur, clean fuels from high-sulphur medium grade crude and low-sulphur light crude, giving the refinery the flexibility to refine crude oil sourced globally, including from the Middle East, the North Sea and Texas.

North Atlantic was acquired by SilverRange Financial Partners of New York in November 2014.

Facilities include:

  • Crude storage: 3.6 million barrels
  • Intermediate and finished product storage: 3.6 million barrels
  • Butane storage: 300,000 barrel facility
  • One of the largest refinery docks in North America, accommodating vessels up to 326,000 DWT
  • Two state-of-the-art tugboats
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NARL Refining LP
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Nova Scotia

Goldboro Gas Plant

The Goldboro Gas Plant is located two kilometres inland from the offshore pipeline landfall at Betty’s Cove, near Goldboro. The 42 hectare site was chosen with input from area residents to ensure optimal potential for both tourism and industrial development. The plant is located adjacent to an industrial park developed by the municipality of Guysborough to facilitate future industrial development in the area. 


Gas is transported to the plant via subsea pipeline from the Thebaud central processing platform located approximately 200 kilometres offshore. The plant can process up to 600 MMcf of quality natural gas every day for delivery to market via the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline (M&NP) — enough to satisfy the daily natural gas needs of a city the size of Montreal. The M&NP transports gas from the Goldboro plant through a 76 centimetre diameter underground pipe into Maritime and New England markets.

Interesting Facts:

  • There is an estimated 25 kilometres of pipe in the main gas plant.
  • About 1,100 concrete foundations were needed to support the gas plant.
  • The gas plant has one of the largest “slugcatchers” in the world, necessary because of the volumes of gas and liquids and the pressure at which the gas is flowing.
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ExxonMobil Canada
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Point Tupper Fractionation Plant

The Point Tupper natural gas liquids fractionation plant is located on a 29-hectare site approximately five kilometres from Port Hawkesbury.


Natural gas liquids are transported to the fractionation plant from the Goldboro gas plant via a 58 kilometre buried pipeline. The plant can process up to 7,000 barrels of propane, 3,000 barrels of butane and 10,000 barrels of condensate every day. That is enough propane to fill 63,000 20-pound barbecue tanks, enough butane to fill 11 million lighters, and enough condensate to produce all the gasoline a car needs to drive around the world 515 times.

Interesting Fact: The 11 horizontal gas storage tanks, or “bullets”, are among the largest in Canada, with a diameter of almost 4 metres and 30 metres in length.

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ExxonMobil Canada
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New Brunswick

Irving Oil Refinery

Irving Oil operates Canada’s largest refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick. It is located 105 kilometres north of the United States border and has reached production rates in excess of 300,000 barrels per day. The refinery exports more than half its production to the Northeast United States. With a workforce of approximately 1,400, the refinery supplies petroleum products such as high octane and low sulphur gasolines, jet fuel, low sulphur diesel fuels, home heating oil, propane, kerosene and asphalt.

The refinery opened in 1960 and has been upgraded throughout its history, including a $1.5-billion upgrade in 2000. The Saint John refinery was the first in Canada to produce high-octane gasoline without the use of lead additives and the first to offer low-sulphur gasoline, five years ahead of Canadian regulation. In 2003, Irving Oil became the first oil company to receive a United States Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Excellence Award, for its clean gasoline.

For further information:
Irving Oil Limited
Refining Division
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Tel: 506-633-3000