• C-NLOPB approves HSE
  • GNL finalizes its 3rd offshore equity deal, this time for 10% of HSE
  • C-NLOPB approves HSE development
  • ConocoPhillips completes drilling of its first exploration well on the NL side of the Laurentian Basin
  • Chevron Canada wraps up drilling its second deepwater exploration well in the Orphan Basin
  • Offshore Helicopter Safety Inquiry Commissioner releases Flight 491 crash report
  • Flight 491 Legacy Fund established to award scholarships to post-secondary students


  • TSB releases investigation report into crash of Flight 491
  • Hebron partners submit development plan application to C-NLOPB
  • First oil flows from HSE
  • Statoil spuds second deepwater well, Mizzen F-09, in the Flemish Pass
  • Hebron Public Review Commission holds public hearings on the Hebron project


  • Hebron Public Review Commissioner releases final report February 28.
  • C-NLOPB announces approval of Hebron development application May 31.
  • Province reaches $150-million settlement with Hebron partners in October for out-of-province fabrication of drilling equipment set, one of three modules to be built in NL under the 2008 Hebron agreement.
  • ExxonMobil and co-venturers announce sanctioning of $14-billion Hebron oilfield development December 31.


  • C-NLOPB increases oil reserve estimates for Terra Nova oilfield from 419,506 million barrels.
  • First steel cut for Hebron topsides modules.
  • SWR subsea tieback (33 million barrels of oil) receives regulatory approval for gas-injection.
  • Statoil Canada estimates 300-600 million barrels of light crude discovered at BdN prospect in Flemish Pass.
  • Husky Energy announces it will develop WREP using a wellhead platform; concrete base will be built at Argentia.
  • Husky begins construction of new graving dock at Argentia where wellhead platform will be built for WREP.
  • Stena Carron drillship finishes drilling Margaree A-49 exploration well for Chevron in Orphan Basin in November.


  • C-NLOPB issues Western Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Area Strategic Environmental Assessment Update report May 5.
  • Light intervention vessel Skandi Inspector completes 40-day program in July to improve hydrocarbon recovery in three Terra Nova wells – a first-time use of LIV technology in the NL offshore.
  • 180,000-tonne Hebron GBS is towed three kilometres from Bull Arm drydock to deepwater construction site in Trinity Bay July 22.
  • Subsea production equipment installed for SWR (second satellite development at WR oilfield). 
  • C-NLOPB issues Eastern Newfoundland Strategic Environmental Assessment final report August 5.
  • C-NLOPB releases WREP public review report September 29.
  • Provincial government appoints 5-member independent panel October 10 to review hydraulic fracturing in Western Newfoundland.
  • Seismic data acquisition in the NL offshore reaches 30-year high with collection of 36,973 line kilometres of 2D data.
  • Drill rig West Hercules spuds first appraisal well (Bay de Verde F-67) November 4 in Statoil Canada’s BdN discovery in the Flemish Pass.
  • In December, C-NLOPB announces the largest bid received for a single offshore parcel in the NL offshore – $559 million in work commitments from ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and Suncor Energy for EL 1135 in the Flemish Pass.
  • C-NLOPB increases its reserve estimate for the Hibernia oil field by 249 million barrels to 1.644 billion barrels; previous reserve estimate was 1.395 billion barrels.
  • Husky Energy announces one-year delay December 17 in project sanction for WREP.
  • Rig Henry Goodrich spuds its last well (Aster C-93A in southern Flemish Pass) in the NL offshore December 19.
  • World oil prices drop by 50% in last half of year, steepest price decline since 2008 financial crisis.


  • C-NLOPB issues 3 new ELs (1135/1136/1137) to ExxonMobil in January for the 2013 Flemish Pass land sale area.
  • Terra Nova reaches production milestone of 370 million barrels of oil in February – the field’s reserve estimate when the project was sanctioned in 1998.
  • In March, Husky competes work on the Argentia graving dock, the planned construction site for the WREP concrete gravity structure.
  • C-NSOPB announces its Call for Bids NS15-1, which includes 9 parcels in the NS offshore area, April 28
  • On May 6, Brent oil reaches $69.61, its highest price of the year.
  • Teekay Offshore Partners LP signs a 15 year contract June 1 with 9 oil & gas companies to transport crude from the Hibernia, Terra Nova, White Rose and Hebron oilfields.
  • C-NLOPB announces conditional approval of Husky Energy’s Development Plan Amendment for the WREP July 27.  Announcement advises that WR oilfield total reserve estimate now increased by 165 million barrels to 404 million barrels of oil.
  • C-NLOPB issues calls for nominations of parcels of land on August 25 – NL15-01JDA (Jd'A region) and NL 15-01EN (E-NF region).
  • Shell Canada receives approval from C-NSOPB October 20 to begin drilling in the Shelburne Basin.
  • Production resumes at the Deep Panuke natural gas field in late October following 5 months of inactivity.
  • Noia releases its Redefining Oil vision of the future of the province’s oil & gas industry November 19. The strategy calls for the establishment of an Industry Council to determine the industry's longterm vision. On December 14, the Premier includes the establishment of an Industry Development Council in his mandate letter to the Minister of Natural Resources.
  • Talon Energy Services completes Hebron flare boom in Port aux Basques and Kiewit Offshore Services completes Hebron drilling support module in Marystown in October.
  • First resource assessment of the NL offshore is released October 1, showing hydrocarbon potential in 11 parcels up for bids in the FPB to be 12 billion barrels of oil and 113 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.
  • GNL releases new royalty regime framework to apply to all future offshore oil developments on November 2.
  • C-NLOPB announces November 12 that the NL15-01EN Call for Bids received more than $1.2 billion in exploration commitments for 7 offshore parcels in the FPB – the largest value of bids NL has ever received.
  • C-NSOPB announces November 12 that its NS15-1 Call for Bids resulted in $82 million for two parcels of land, both from Statoil Canada.
  • The price of Brent oil bottoms out for the year at $35.96 on December 22.
  • C&W Offshore completes work on the Hebron helideck and lifeboat stations in December.


  • Hebron ancillaries (helideck and lifeboat stations) arrive at Bull Arm in January.
  • C-NLOPB issues 7 licences (ELs 1138-1144) in mid-January to successful 2015 land sale bidders.
  • C-NLOPB issues calls for nominations on January 25 for 3 offshore regions – NE-NF, S-NF and L-S.
  • C-NLOPB issues 2 calls for bids offshore NL in April – NL16-CFB01 in the E-NF Region (13 parcels) andNL16-CFB02 in the Jd’A Region (3 parcels).
  • NL Hydraulic Fracturing Review Panel releases its report May 31, recommending that hydraulic fracturing not be allowed in the province until identified gaps/deficiencies are addressed.
  • Mid-year, Statoil confirms 300-600 million barrels recoverable oil present in BdN discovery, but potentially near lower end of estimate.
  • GNL announces establishment of an Oil & Gas Industry Development Council at Noia’s annual conference.
  • Hibernia platform drilling shuts down in July until early 2017 to upgrade drilling equipment.
  • Second resource assessment of the NL offshore is released August 24, identifying in-place resource potential of 25.5 billion barrels of oil and 20.6 trillion cubic feet of gas in the WOB.
  • Hebron pipeline/bases for offshore loading system is installed during summer months.
  • C-NLOPB releases calls for nominations in E-NF and Jd’A regions in September.
  • Hebron utilities processing module arrives from South Korea September 2.
  • North Amethyst-Hibernia level well at North Amethyst field starts production in September.
  • On November 1, C-NLOPB announces cancellation of Black Spruce Exploration-owned ELs 1127 and 1128 due to non-compliance with its licence agreement.
  • C-NLOPB also announces November 1 that EL 1120, also owned by Black Spruce, has been amended to 8 years and 364 days, subject to the filing of an amended drilling deposit and security deposit.
  • C-NSOPB announces November 3 that its NS16-1 Call for Bids resulted in no successful bids.
  • C-NLOPB announces November 9 that the 2016 call for bids has resulted in $757,989,794 in work commitments and 3 new investors (Hess, Noble and Delek Group).
  • In November, Anadarko Canada E&P enters NL offshore by acquiring Shell’s working interests in 5 exploration licences.
  • Total E&P Canada acquires 33% working interest in EL 1136 in the Carson Basin in November.
  • C-NLOPB announces Call for Bids NL16-CFB03 (L-S Region) November 30.
  • In November, the Hebron GBS concrete pouring is completed; topsides module components are assembled at Bull Arm pier.
  • Mating of Hebron’s concrete base and topsides takes place December 13-14 at Bull Arm’s deepwater site.
  • GNL announces make-up and inaugural appointments for the Oil & Gas Industry Council mid-December.
  • GC announces 5-year ban on new offshore oil & gas licensing in all Arctic waters December 20.
  • Hibernia produces its one billionth barrel of oil December 21.